Who We are


Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Circle of Dawn is a non-denominational organization offering workshops, prayer, meditation, healing, educational and uplifting services to all.  We serve primarily the Northern Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania regions, but we have friends in all States including Canada and all over the world.  

Our Circle was first formed in 2015 after it became clear that the need to expand and embrace each other in the spirit of brotherly love is now - not tomorrow.  People are searching.  Reaching out. Some are lost and need direction.  Some want answers.  Many are desperate to understand these times and the 'new feelings' that are emerging in through and around their lives.  Are you asking yourself this question .. "there has to be something more" ..  Why is it that things don't seem coincidental any longer?  Why does time seem to be speeding up?  Why am I drawn to this or that?  Why can I no longer tolerate certain behaviors or situations that I had always been able to handle?  Inside, they know there simply has to be a better way..  but how and what?  Many of you have heard the cross cultural prophecies describing the coming of the New People?  Folks, we are here .. we are ~ The New People.

Each one of us has unique gifts to offer.  Now is the time to share those gifts with others.  Circle of Dawn is a safe place to expand, heal, learn, share and grow.  We accept all levels of understandings from the beginners to the seasoned spiritual veteran.  Sometimes I teach.  Sometimes I listen.  Sometimes we have guest speakers.  Circle of Dawns first passion is Native American teachings, put we also love our 'mind stretching' topics which include everything from Ancient Mayan culture and healing work to modern day Seances.

The people of our community is what makes Circle of Dawn unique.  The love of our community is what makes us strong.  Come join us !  We are always looking to further connect and help wherever we can.  Whether you are a practitioner and are interested in teaching here, or brand new to Spirtuality and just want to connect.  You've come to the right place.  Feel safe.  Feel warm. Above all, feel loved.  ​


Beloveds ..

My name is Michelle Moreau founder of Circle Of Dawn.  My Spirit name is Moon Rose Woman, Buffalo Clan and Mayan name is Yax Pax meaning 'First Dawn'.  I feel incredibly blessed to be here with you now on this beautiful blue & green planet we call Mother Earth.  I am a mother and a grandmother, and carry with pride my present European and French Canadian heritage. Today, some call me Grandmother Michelle.  An honor gifted to me by Tze'ec Ba'lam of the Yucatec Maya. It's full meaning is something I am continuously devoted to earning.   

With humility, I carry on those teachings and ceremonies that were shared to me with love by my first husband Chris of the Warm Springs Apache People and my life saver Elizabeth Dinges. To Grandfather William Commanda and the Sunbow 5 Walk experience to Grandmother Lillian Pitawanakwat a absolutely wonderful Ojibwa Elder.  And there's Joy Forbes who taught me to approach each space clearing first with love and compassion, and to listen for the needs of the Spirits - not just the humans.  

And so we march on .....

It is time to give back.

My hope is we never stop growing on all levels.  That is my mantra.  Stretch your mind with vigor.  In learning, age means nothing.  

My prayer is that we all honor the sense of duty flame that burns inside all of us to do better.  Love Harder.  Trust more.  Be authentic.  Stay 'in the light'.  Become fearless. Give unconditionally.  Begin now.  Aho !